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                                      model Magic  dressage

                        \n bsp;                flexible S Poly Tree        ​  

Dressage saddle Magic with S Poly Tree,

a special plastic tree,

which slowly returns to its original shape after the ride

finds back.

Also flexible about its longitudinal and transverse axis, but not beyond its secure stability.

Free shoulder activity, no blockage in tight turns and side aisles.

The close contact to the horse ensures optimal assistance.

The gullet iron is easy to replace.

There are 5 different sizes to choose from.

The cushions are firmly sewn and filled with synthetic wool, which, with a little knowledge, can easily be filled up or down.

On request, the Magic is also available with Velcro cushions!

The special highlight of our Magic models are the replaceable saddle flaps with different knee rolls.

3 saddle flaps with different knee rolls are included. Changeable within a few minutes.

Available as dressage and all purpose saddle

size 16.5 - 20.0     Special sizes on request

Price from €1,750

                                   Model   Magic  Versatility                          & nbsp;          flexible S Poly Tree

Model Magic  all purpose saddle

Price from €1550


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