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leather tree saddles


 Flexible leather tree

Our leather tree is made entirely of leather. He is flexible and adapts to the horse's back line.                                   All our  Leather tree models do not have a gullet, the chamber is preformed and very strong yet flexible enough to adjust to the required width.

This happens due to the warmth of the horse and the weight of the rider.

Experience has shown that our saddles with leather trees have molded perfectly to the horse's back after 20-30 rides.

The feeling of sitting in our leather tree saddles is like in a saddle with a solid tree (no spongy feeling).

Due to the flexibility of the leather tree, no selective pressure is built up but distributed evenly.

 Every time the horse changes 

  (Weight fluctuations, muscle build-up or breakdown), the saddle can be adjusted again and again using the Velcro pads.

Especially with young horses that are building muscle, the principle with the Velcro pads is an advantage.

The cushions are filled with a latex mixture, have a shock-absorbing effect, are extremely durable and comfortable for the horse's back. 

There is no need for expensive upholstery or reupholstery.

Cushions in different thicknesses and lengths can be selected.

Thanks to specially reinforced cushions for heavy riders, the use of our leather tree saddles is not tied to a weight limit.

All of our leather tree models feature open safety suspensions. These are not recessed as much as in traditional spring-loaded saddles. We therefore recommend mono stirrup leathers to avoid pressure points in the thigh area.

All our saddles are equipped with a 3-point V girth, which ensures that the saddle sits securely even with very round horses.

Since 2019 we have also been offering a special girth system for horses with a particularly difficult girth position, in which the lead of the straps can be changed.

Small Velcro pads offer the possibility to change the center of gravity of the saddle and, if necessary, to expand the space at the withers.


 S Poly Tree - Flectere

                                     This flexible plastic saddle tree will easily return to its original state.

Flexible also over its longitudinal and transverse axis, but not beyond its secure stability.

                        Good pressure distribution and free shoulder activity are guaranteed.        

                                             The close contact to the horse ensures optimal assistance.  

The gullet iron is easy to replace.                

There are 5 different sizes to choose from. 


The French cushions are filled with synthetic wool and can be easily  remove to change the filling quantity if necessary. We assure you of a professional execution by us or one of our sales partners.



 Saddles with S - Poly Tree

A  Classic, flexible plastic tree with a firm, preformed seat shell.

Its flexibility refers to the front area and thus prevents blockages in the shoulder area, which is particularly common in  Riding tight turns and sideways can occur.

The preformed seat with a narrow waist accommodates the female anatomy.

The gullet iron is easy to replace.

There are also 5 different sizes to choose from.


The French cushions are filled with synthetic wool and can be easily removed to change the filling if necessary. We assure you of a professional execution by us or one of our sales partners.



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