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Real  leather

  has an individual grain and coloring 

 even small scars and bumps

can be visible on a sclera

and makes each piece unique.

The leather for our saddles comes from Italy and Germany.

1 . Leather from Italy corresponds to our  standard quality

A robust blank leather from  good quality.

Seat leather soft and non-slip  from  good Quality.

2 . German quality leather from the Kilger company in Bavaria

German cowhide 

Blank leather  of high quality.

Seat leather soft and non-slip of high quality.

3. German premium leather from the Kobel company in Northern Germany

German  Leather from cattle

Blank leather - very high quality

Soft seat leather  and handy by  excellent quality.


Real and synthetic leather is used in combination for our entry-level models.

Durable robust quality.

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