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The Madrid Spezial is distinguished by its elegant appearance and long dressage saddle flap.

Strong knee rolls allow the leg to lie well and provide additional support.

The particularly softly padded seat is worked in such a way that the rider can take an optimal sitting position. 

-flexible leather tree

-no gullet, cushion thickness freely selectable

- 3 point V harness

- Belt straps can be removed

- The seat is worked so that the rider can take an optimal sitting position.

- Also suitable for horses with higher withers

- Optional: Velcro pads in dressage shape or our special U-shaped pads with a wider contact surface.

price Italy leather * standard quality €1,650

German leather * Kilger  Leather doubled  €1,850

German premium leather * Kobel doubled €1,980

Size 17.0 - 19 inches

other sizes upon request

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