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           V Gurtung
Klettbare Panels                Kunstfell 

Our western saddle model Ranger is particularly short

and is therefore also suitable for horses with a very short back.

The fork is interchangeable and available in different sizes:

S - M - L - XL 

You can choose: saddle with original western harness

or with V-girth, stockings for short girth.

Leather:  The saddle is available in different leather qualities.

Prices from €1,499

We are happy to help!

You can choose:

Velcro pads with a wide contact surface (various lengths and thicknesses possible,

or a classic underside covered with soft faux fur

and integrated padding so that an extra padded pad does not necessarily have to be used with this variant either.

We will also provide you with expert advice on this topic.

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