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test saddles

If advice from us or one of our local sales partners is not possible (distance too far)

then we can also send you a test saddle by post.

We will then offer you free assistance for the correct adjustment of the saddle via video link or via whats app.

For a fee of 40 euros plus shipping costs, you can then test the selected saddle model for a full week.

If you decide to buy a saddle after the test, the test fee of 40 euros will be credited and offset against the purchase price.

For the further procedure as well as a detailed consultation in the selection, please use our contact form

in touch with us.


The tester has for the  to arrange for the return transport of the test saddle and bears the shipping costs. (€9.80 with DHL)

The test saddle fee cannot be refunded if the saddle is returned early.

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