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With our all-purpose saddle V1 you shine in all disciplines.

Whether off-road, dressage or jumping, the V1 will be your partner.

The integrated  Knee rolls ensure a good hold.

Great look thanks to the colored piping tape. (all colors possible)

Lined leather

​​The V1 is equipped with short cords.

It can also be ordered with a double V harness.

We would be happy to advise you 

Velcro pads are available in any thickness.

The length of the pads depends on the required saddle size.

e.g. a 17.5 inch saddle with a 42 cm cushion  be equipped.

Additional knee and calf blocks are included.

The saddle meets the requirements of the LPO

Prices : Italy leather * standard quality  lined leather €1,299

German leather * Kilger €1,499

German premium leather * Kobel) €1,680

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