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Thank you also to the company

Four Lands

for the beautiful photos.

The activities of this community of knights

you can follow on facebook

Society of the Four Lands

All of our baroque bridles and front harnesses can be customized upon request 

 can also be made in oversize!

Beautiful 3-piece set Price 289 €

with a lion's head, large ornaments and noble buckles.

Colors / black,brown,conac

other colors on request

Sizes / Cob,Full

Oversize possible

Ornaments / gold or silver colored


Knightly 2-piece set Price 199 €

Fixed center bar made of leather with

very large ornaments.

Reins become natural as with all

Bridles included.

Colors / black, brown, conac

other questions on request!

Size Cob and Full

Oversizes possible

Ornaments / gold or silver colored


Zaum and matching front harness

as a set (model see photos above)

Colors / brown,black,conac

other colors on request!

size Cob and Full

Larger sizes possible!


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