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Model Event​

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Model Event  - flexible leather tree

Our popular saddle model for riders who prefer a deep seat and strong knee rolls. These ensure a secure hold when riding with long legs.

The event is also suitable for horses with more withers.

With its short contact surface, it is also suitable for horses and ponies with a short back  very suitable.

The  Movable V girth ensures a secure hold of the saddle even with rounder horses.

Velcro pads available in any thickness.

The length of the pads depends on the required saddle size.

Available from 36 cm

Belt straps detachable

The saddle meets the requirements of the LPO

We are still striving to keep this popular model (despite heavily increased raw material prices) at a TOP price  to be able to offer from 998 €.

Prices : Italy Leather   * standard quality               998 €   

German leather     * Kilger                                           1,499 €

German premium leather  * Kobel)                       1,680 €

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