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The Calvaro model impresses with its individuality.   

The beautiful  Ornaments give the saddle a  very special touch.

The seat is worked in such a way that the rider can take an optimal sitting position.

It is softly padded and the suede used allows the rider to sit securely.

Attached strong knee blocks also provide a secure hold.

Also suitable for horses with higher withers.

Wide contact surface with U-shaped cushions.

-flexible lerdeum

-no gullet iron Cushion thickness freely selectable

3 point V harness

Belt straps can be removed

Cushion U-shaped from 36 cm

Size 17.0 - 19 inches

other sizes on request

Price Italy leather * standard quality €1,450

German leather * Kilger €1,590

German premium leather * Kobel) €1,650

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