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Model Savage 

Whether for daily dressage work, riding off-road or for work equitation.

The Savage will inspire you in all disciplines.

The softly padded rib seat provides additional comfort.

The suede on the seat and saddle flaps, as well as the strong knee blocks, ensure a good hold.

The saddle has an extra large  bearing surface

around U-shaped cushions with extra wide pads  to be able to use.

This model also convinces with its good shoulder freedom for unrestricted movement of the horse.

- narrow in the waist

- comfortable deep seat

- flexible leather tree

- no gullet

- also suitable for horses with high withers

-Different belt systems to choose from

- Detachable belt straps

-Different pillow shapes selectable

as well as pillow length and thickness

- Strong, fixed knee rolls

The saddle meets the requirements of the LPO

Size 17-20 inches

Price Italy leather * standard quality €1,680

German leather * Kilger €1,850

German premium leather * Kobel) €1,950

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