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The Savage Spezial model invites you to extensive trail rides.

The softly padded ribbed seat in non-slip suede  with  front gallery and integrated knee blocks under the saddle flap ensure optimal grip in the field.

The saddle has an extra large contact surface

so that U-shaped cushions with a particularly wide support can be attached.

- narrow in the waist

- comfortable deep seat

- flexible leather tree

- no gullet

- also suitable for horses with high withers

-Different belt systems to choose from

- Detachable belt straps

-Different pillow shapes selectable

as well as pillow length and thickness

A great leisure saddle that will inspire you.

The saddle meets the requirements of the LPO

Size 17-20 inches

Oversizes possible.

Price Italy leather * standard quality €1,680

German leather * Kilger €1,850

German premium leather * Kobel) €1,950

* Leather qualities

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