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The V1 special for wide horses with a difficult saddle position.

The extra large contact surface allows for a wider velcro pad. 

The saddle lies perfectly on the wide back and there is good freedom of movement for the spine.

The V1 Special is available with the V or double V harness.

Both ensure a good belt position and a secure hold of the saddle.

We would be happy to advise you on this.

Great look thanks to the colored piping tape. (all colors possible)

Lined leather.

Additional velcro knee and calf blocks are included.

Velcro pads are available in any thickness.

The length of the pads depends on the required saddle size.

E.g. a 17.5 inch saddle can be equipped with 42 cm panels.

Belt straps can be removed/easy to change

The saddle meets the requirements of the LPO

Italy leather * standard quality €1,399

German leather * Kilger €1,599

German premium leather * Kobel) €1,780

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